PureStar Heater - Features

Create a Comfortable Environment

  • Long life. A specially designed PTC heating element (positive temperature co-efficient) is made from ceramic stone for long life and quick and even heating.
  • Cleaner environment. ActiveStar Technology sends "scrubbers" to remove contaminants from surfaces.
  • Safe. Tip-over safety feature automatically turns off the PureStar Heater if it is knocked over.
  • Automatic sensors. If the internal components reach a high temperature, the heater will automatically shut off.
  • Does not effect humidity. Does not emit odors or fumes and does not effect the humidity level of the room.
  • Quiet operation. Runs quieter than standard portable heaters and with an output rated at up to 5100 BTU, it heats evenly with a comfortable, balanced heat.
  • Durable. Includes an easy to use and clean, washable filter and the internal 2 speed fan is made of metal components for long life.
  • Easy operation. Features 4 wheels for mobility, includes a remote control and has LED grill lighting for ambience.
  • Temperature controls. Multiple heat settings allow you to customize the output to your needs.
  • Efficient. PTC heating elements can operate at full efficiency for up to 80,000 hours with no reduction in heat output over its life and a copper-lined heat exchanger evenly distributes the warm air.