Consumer Alert

TriStar home cleaning systems can only be purchased from Authorized TriStar Distributors located throughout North America and Europe. Don't make the mistake of purchasing your TriStar through an unauthorized source or over the Internet. Only authorized retailers can sell and support the world famous TriStar.

Below are some of the risks associated with buying from an unauthorized source or over the Internet

  • Many times a unit advertised as "new" is actually used and you will not find out until it is too late.
  • If not purchased from an authorized TriStar Distributor you will not have access to the warranty backed by TriStar Enterprises, L.L.C.
  • Local Authorized TriStar Distributors only honor warranties on TriStars purchased from other Authorized TriStar Distributors. They will not perform warranty work on units purchased from an unauthorized source.
  • You never know if you are dealing with a reputable business or not. In most cases you are not dealing with a local business with a track record of great customer service.
  • You may end up with a defective unit that has had non-factory parts installed. Many times serial numbers will be removed to hide the real source of the unit.
  • If a warranty is offered by an unauthorized source you will often be required to pack up the unit and return it to them. This is a costly and time-consuming project with no guarantee that repairs will be properly. For all intents and purposes, the warranty may be of no practical value.
  • TriStar sympathizes with consumers that may have made the mistake of purchasing from an unauthorized source or over the Internet. However we can only honor warranties on TriStars purchased from an Authorized TriStar source.

Benefits from Purchasing your TriStar from an Authorized Source

  • You will always receive a brand new TriStar in perfect condition.
  • You will have access to local service from a reputable business.
  • You will enjoy a full factory warranty backed by the Manufacturer of the world renowned TriStar Home Cleaning System.
  • You will enjoy personal attention and service from a local Authorized TriStar Distributor who is committed to excellent customer service.