Complete Floor Care

The ProStar Floor System complements your TriStar by giving you the means to keep your carpets and hard floors like new. For the price of one visit by a carpet cleaning company, you can own the easy to use, easy to store ProStar. The ProStar is one of the finest carpet shampoo and hard floor cleaning tools available today. With it's quick-foaming, fast-drying shampoo solution, you can shampoo your carpets in a jiff and keep them looking like new. Do you have granite, hardwood, vinyl or tile floors? No problem, with the Prostar you can put a high gloss shine on them in quick order just like the professional floor cleaning companies at a fraction of the cost. Convenient, streamlined and easy to use, the ProStar features a balanced triple-brush system to beautifully shampoo your carpets and flawlessly wax and polish floors.